Nissan Key Fob Vehicle  

Anyone who owns a Nissan knows that a key fob remote is one of the essential parts for any car owner. This small device allows owners to lock/unlock their vehicle from a distance and start its engine even further away. This article will review how to program a Nissan key fob and show that it's a relatively straightforward process.

When you purchase your car, one of the first things to do is program the keyless entry transmitter (otherwise known as a "fob") so that it recognizes your vehicle. It only takes about three minutes for most vehicles and can be done with or without having your owner's manual on hand.

Programming Your Nissan Push Start Key Fob: The Ultimate Guide

Step 1 - Find the Transmitter's Programming Button

Open the "transmitter" (fob) compartment on your car. It is typically located inside your vehicle near or on the driver's door jam or under an armrest. Note that the best place to keep the key fob is in this compartment, so it does not drain the car's battery. Once you find this, look for a small button that says "program" on it. It is the start button that you will press to program the push-start key fob.

Step 2 - Press and Hold Any Button on Your Fob

Press and hold any button from your fob's keychain until the door locks begin to flash. It should take about three seconds.

Step 3 - Release the Programming Button

Once you stop seeing the lock lights flash, you can release your programming button. You should then see a steady light that confirms that the key fob has been programmed. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for this process to take five or six seconds instead of three. To program a second key fob, start this process over from Step 1.

Step 4 - Test the Key Fob to Confirm Programming Success

If you programmed your key fob correctly, locking and unlocking your vehicle should both work as normal now. Try programming the key fob again if you lock your vehicle with a button press, and it doesn't work. If this fails, your vehicle's wiring may be an issue.


Aside from programming your Nissan push start key fob, we would love to hear from you at the dealership! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a test drive. We look forward to serving drivers near and far. Again, thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon.