Nissan Reveals Z GT4 Race Car  

Nissan has just unveiled a new addition to its racing lineup, the Z GT4 race car. This ultra-modern sports car will surely excite racing enthusiasts and up the competition on the track. The Z GT4 has been designed with aerodynamics and performance in mind to give drivers the edge they need to win. It will surely be a sight to behold when it hits the track.

Exterior Features

The Z GT4's low stance and wide body give it an intimidating presence on the track. It features a made-right grille to reduce drag while still having the classic Nissan look. It also boasts cleared-back Drove headlamps for improved visibility. The slanting roofline contributes to the aerodynamic design, while the swooping sides provide an aggressive sporty look. Its race-compound tires ensure superior grip in any condition, with erupted wheel curves to increase maneuverability. The enormous wing spoiler ensures maximum downforce for optimal speed, while the driven taillights provide distinction and visibility.

Interior Features

Inside, the Z GT4 has a race-inspired interior with all the features that make racing more manageable and safer, with all essential controls within easy reach of the driver. It has a fully digital dashboard and driver's seat with adjustable lumbar support for superior control and comfort. The steering wheel is flexible and can be moved to the driver's preference, while the pedals are set up for optimum performance. A six-point racing harness will offer maximum safety during intense races, while the FIA-endorsed roll cage will provide further security for the driver. The hustling telemetry system makes sure the driver has all the data they need to remain competitive on the track.


Under the hood, a twin-turbocharged 3.0L motor provides superior power and torque to give the Z GT4 its impressive speed. This V6 engine can put out up to 450 horsepower and has been designed to get the most out of each gear. With 443 pound-feet of torque, the Z GT4 can perform with the utmost efficiency. A chassis explicitly designed to improve cornering capabilities allows drivers to take tight corners at maximum speed. The flexible powertrain will enable drivers to adjust the power settings for whatever type of track they're on to get the best performance possible when racing.

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The Z GT4 is sure to be a serious contender in the racing world when it hits the track. The Z GT4 is worth checking out if you're a racing enthusiast. Z GT4s are packed with safety and performance aspects to give you the edge in any race. Our dealership has all the information about this great vehicle and what it can do for your racing career. Stop by today and get a firsthand look at this powerful sports car.

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