Experience Matters  

The overarching goal of Experience Matters is to bring "nonprofits and talent together for the greater good." This is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that utilizes the talents of adults, age 50+, who want to make a true impact on their community. By helping adults age 50+ enter service sectors and help their communities, they help a wide range of people in the community. Their programs reflect their commitment.

How Experience Matters Helps

Consider this a "pay it forward" organization. People who are 50 and over have had plenty of time in careers, raising families, and getting to know people. They're able to pass this wisdom on in several ways. One way to give back is to become involved in community service. This organization matches you with nonprofits and community organizations that help people 50 and over utilize talents to the maximum.

Training for nonprofit organizations can also help. If someone 50 or over has worked in a different sector, they may not feel comfortable working in service organizations. That's why Experience matters have plenty of tools and resources available to introduce nonprofit work to the people they work with.

This organization doesn't just help the people they place in service organizations. They also help the many people in need that these experienced individuals will benefit from over the years. When you've introduced a leader to a nonprofit organization and done so in a way that lets them be their best self, you've given a real boost to any community. This person brings all of their lifetime or work experience and people experience right into the fight to make the world a better place.

Learn More

If you'd like to explore more information about Experience matters, head over to their website. There's an excellent overview of their services, and you'll also find plenty of news and events to get you excited about what they do for the community.