Summer Maintenance Tips  

As the temperatures increase outside, more people start taking road trips because of the weather conditions. Before you head out on a trip, though, it's necessary to prepare and get your vehicle ready. The rain, sun, and high temperatures can affect your car, even if it's a newer model. When you reach out to our dealership in Phoenix, our team of mechanics will complete the necessary services to improve your car's condition.

Oil & Oil Filter Change

One of the main tasks to complete when performing maintenance on your vehicle is to replace the oil, as well as the oil filter. This will allow the oil to continue to flow well, especially when it's exposed to heat in the summer. This will help the mechanical system and components in the engine to operate well without wearing down too much as you drive in warm environments.

Fluid Levels

Check on your fluid levels to ensure all the features and functions of your car operate well. This requires checking on the coolant. It needs to be replaced before the summer season to ensure your engine stays cool while driving for several hours or days in the heat. Your wiper fluid can also be replaced to keep your windshield clean and improve your visibility. The transmission and power steering fluid should also be topped off or replaced.

Tire Pressure & Condition

Your tires also need to be inspected to stay safe on different types of roads. There should be enough air and proper inflation in all four tires. If the tires are low on air, it can cause the tread to wear down quicker and can also cause you to consume more gas. Check your manufacturer's recommendations because the outside temperature can affect the tire pressure. A mechanic can inspect the tread to get an idea of if it's time to rotate or replace the tires, depending on their condition. This will improve your traction and help avoid flat or blown tires.

Car Battery

Finally, you can test the battery and see how much life it has left. This will prevent it from losing power as the car is operating or when you go to turn it on before you head out on your trip. Older batteries likely need to be replaced before your journey.

When you're ready to get summer maintenance for your set of wheels, reach out to our auto service team to ensure, we can get your car ready for your upcoming travels.