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Nowadays, the cars that are being manufactured are nothing short of a technological marvel. It seems that each year there is another great feature that is engineered beyond our wildest imaginations. The cars can now do everything from transcribing your social media, text messages, and emails, to now parallel park themselves. And of course, the autonomous engineering is something we never thought would actually manifest. It just seemed like a really great idea!

However, with all the "Jetson-like" technology we're experiencing, it makes your car extremely vulnerable to extremely unscrupulous people who want to create mischief. The new threat that is affecting all of this wondrous technology is hacking, and it's not going away anytime soon.

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So what should you do as a car owner to prevent hackers from taking over your car?

For starters, keep in contact with your car manufacturer. And, if you've agreed to receive automatic email notifications, this is the one time that your spam folder should definitely be filtered correctly. Although the auto industry is in the infancy stages of getting a grasp on the hacking situation, rest assured there is a division of specialists devoted to information for consumers concerns. Staying in contact with the manufacturer is perhaps the most important thing you can do because it is the direct source of information. You also want to be sure that you provide them with updated contact information for recalls and system updates, which may be related to vulnerabilities for hacking.

As "they" say, it's the little things that count, and when it comes to hack-proofing your car, the key fob is the little thing that hackers are looking for. Don't worry, they don't want to steal the actual fob, it's the data inside that is important, and sophisticated hackers know how to get it. By using an electronic signal amplifier, a hacker can access your key fob signal from just 100 feet away and drive away with your car, while you're sitting at the kitchen table. To prevent this from occurring, be sure to park your car in the garage while at home. But, for more advanced proofing, always place your key fob in a metal box. And when you're not at home, be sure to use a metal key holder that you can carry with you that is specifically designed for preventing hackers from assessing the key fob signal. The holders are typically very inexpensive. And never let your guard down at other places, such as your place of employment, convenience stores, gas stations, or even while at a social event. Hackers will attempt to gain access to the signal from anywhere, and they're constantly looking for a willing participant to show them any type of opportunity.

Another vulnerability is your Bluetooth connectivity, so be sure to turn it off when it's not in use. Ideally, this should be done consistently, but especially at large places, such as shopping mall and grocery chain parking lots. With all its fantastic benefits for hands-free driving, Bluetooth is a hacker's dream come true. Because of its wireless capability that has a very high-velocity, hackers can use the Bluetooth connectivity for data attacks, which is not only a security issue but could also cause the entire device to stop working and affect other systems configured for the device.

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