How to Use Nissan Cooled & Heated Seats

How to Use Nissan Cooled & Heated Seats

Over time, car manufacturers have continually added more conveniences and features to make driving a pleasant experience. Not long ago, heated seats were something only for the rich who drove some rare luxury vehicle. Cooled seats were just unheard of. Nissan offers these perks on all of their affordable, high-quality cars. Now, there's nothing to stop you from riding in comfort.

How They Work?

First, let's talk about those heated seats. Their technology is very similar to tech that has been around for ages. If you've ever used an electric blanket, the concept here is much the same. A heating element runs through the upholstery material in your vehicle's seats. This element heats up as an electric current runs through it. No longer will you have to deal with a frozen seat during those cold, winter commutes.

If there's one thing worse than a cold seat, it's probably a hot one, which is primarily uncomfortable after your car has been sitting in the hot sun for awhile. Cooling systems work by blowing cold hear throughout chambers inside of the seat that is usually done with some fans and a layer of diffusion material that helps to spread the cold across your seat's upholstery surface.

How To Use Them?

You can generally find a climate control switch or knob on your Nissan's center console. Nissan typically uses a chair symbol with a blue and red bar to illustrate the temperature from cold to warm. If you have more than one seat that has these features, you will see multiple knobs with the seat symbols facing different directions to indicate which one the knob controls.

Turning the knob to the left will cool your seat. Setting it to the right will warm it up. There will be an indicator light to show that the system is engaged and working. The systems will only employ with the ignition switched on and the car running. Always remember to turn these systems off when you reach your destination and exit the vehicle. Consult your owner's manual for even more details and instructions on how to use and maintain these systems in your Nissan vehicle.

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