Nissan Xmotion Concept

The annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit is usually a time when the brightest minds in the auto industry get to showcase their ideas and designs in a range of stunning and sometimes outlandish concept cars. Unfortunately, this 2018 show did not leave visitors with much to write about in this regard. That is until Nissan unveiled its incredible Xmotion concept vehicle, which promises to take Japanese craftsmanship and technology to a brand-new level.

The Nissan Xmotion Concept: Sleek, Rugged and Oh-So Stylish

Nissan focused on traditional Japan values and culture in some way, but the Xmotion concept pushes this even further. Designers state that their idea for the vehicle’s interior was inspired by a river that is meant to flow across the floor in between the seats. The central console is created entirely of wood using traditional Japanese techniques to symbolize a bridge crossing over the water below.

Additional wooden accents dot the interior, which gives the feeling of being inside a strong, sturdy frame. This feeling of power and strength is perfectly replicated on almost every little detail of the vehicle’s exterior, from its stylish U-shaped headlights to its overstated front fender and wide chrome grill. Further adding to this are the incredibly rugged looking off-road tires, which are made by laminating the tread directly on top of the wheels.

The various features are perfectly kept in line with the idea of the Xmotion as a powerful, stylish and elegant crossover that is more than capable of handling off-road. This seven-passenger SUV would ideally fit the needs of a large family, adventurous couple, or virtually anyone else.

In terms of the various design aspects, the truth is that the Xmotion will not make it to the production line as with other concept vehicles. However, Nissan used the Xmotion to showcase its next-generation Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, which is something that will be making its way to new models sometime in the near future.

Nissan hopes to make use of the unique Brain-to-Vehicle technology featured in the Xmotion in later vehicles in the hopes of completely revolutionizing the driving experience.

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