Shopping for a new car should be a fun and exciting time as you and your family choose the next "member" of your family. But for many people looking for their next car can be more stressful than anything else, especially if you get less than you hoped on your trade-in.

To help avoid that stress and get you the best deal on you old trade-in, we've compiled three easy tips on how you can boost your car's trade-in value, so that you get the most money for your old car during your next trip to Midway Nissan.

1. Keep Your Car's Body Work Up-to-Date

Car owners tend to think about body work as something you need if you've been in an accident, but regular body maintenance is key in getting the best price on your old trade-in. From keeping the paint job fresh to buffing out those dents and scratches, a well-kept car body will be the difference between a high resell number or a low one.

2. Regular Maintenance

As with regular body maintenance, regular maintenance of your car's inner workings is also very important. That means taking your car into our service center for regular oil changes, battery inspections and tire rotations. These simple things will keep your car up and running as smoothly as possible, which will in turn earn you a great number on your old car when you decide to trade it in.

3. Keep Your Car Clean

This may seem rather obvious, but many car owners don't think about how those little spills and scratches on the inside of the car can seriously lower its value. By keeping your car's interior clean, you're giving the dealership less work to do to make it new again, and thus you get a better number. So be sure to bring your car into our service center for regular detailing. 

Our service technicians at Midway Nisan are available six days a week, so bring your car in for a full maintenance check today!

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