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The Remaking of Nissan

Nissan Future  

Nissan is making a splash in the auto industry this year with some noteworthy changes. The automaker is mostly updating its lineup of vehicles by improving upon several of its most popular existing models and adding some new cars. The automaker is modifying its lineup to be more competitive in the electric cars category and bring more competition to other market segments such as SUVs and trucks.

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About Experience Matters in Phoenix

Experience Matters  

The overarching goal of Experience Matters is to bring "nonprofits and talent together for the greater good." This is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that utilizes the talents of 50+ adults who want to make a true impact on their community. By helping 50+ individuals enter service sectors and help their communities, they help a wide range of people in the community. Their programs reflect their commitment.

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What Is Nissan Connect?

Nissan Connect  

NissanConnect is a comprehensive and sophisticated package of helpful driver aids included in some models. The feature may be standard or available on the Nissan that you want to buy, so you're encouraged to ask us for more details on its availability for your favorite car. NissanConnect has a wealth of helpful tools designed to make your rides more connected, entertaining, convenient, and safe.

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The Dawn of a New Era, The Nissan Ariya Concept

Just a few months ago, Nissan announced its Ariya Concept car at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The Ariya is an all-electric vehicle with a sporty and futuristic design. It turned heads at the auto show, and it's likely going to turn heads in the U.S. when it starts coming off the assembly line. At the time of the Auto Show, Nissan was not yet manufacturing the Ariya. They confirmed it would hit production very soon in 2020. With competition like the Leaf present in the electric car market, Nissan has some work to put into this vehicle…

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test has just released its annual “Most Popular” awards list and the 2015 Nissan Altima, Frontier and Pathfinder, all made the cut. Chosen within their individual segments, winners were selected by looking at the most number of unique visitors to the various inventory and research pages on

"Winning an accolade like this is a testament to the true popularity of our vehicles," said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations U.S., "Based on customer research trends, winning this award shows that each of these three Nissan models continues to resonate well with new-vehicle…

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