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The Dawn of a New Era, The Nissan Ariya Concept

Just a few months ago, Nissan announced its Ariya Concept car at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The Ariya is an all-electric vehicle with a sporty and futuristic design. It turned heads at the auto show, and it's likely going to turn heads in the U.S. when it starts coming off the assembly line. At the time of the Auto Show, Nissan was not yet manufacturing the Ariya. They confirmed it would hit production very soon in 2020. With competition like the Leaf present in the electric car market, Nissan has some work to put into this vehicle…

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Does Nissan Make a Luxury Car?

Nissan Maxima

What's the Most Luxurious Nissan Vehicle?

Nissan is one of only a few automakers to offer a great combination of luxury and economy vehicles. While Nissan offers entry-level to mid-market vehicles, those who are looking for more luxury than what is offered in a Versa, Sentra or Altima, may want to consider the Nissan Maxima. This vehicle offers a nice array of advanced luxury features.

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What Is NissanConnect & How to Use It?


In recent years, with vehicle technologies increasing in number and sophistication, automakers are always looking for ways to make it easier for drivers to use information and entertainment features. In 2013, Nissan came up with a system that integrates such features in a dashboard-based head unit and enables connection with the driver’s smartphone. This system, which is called NissanConnect®, not only makes it more convenient to carry out various car functions, but also keeps you more focused on driving.

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How to Brake Properly

Proper Braking

Proper braking habits can be a life-saver, literally, for both you and your brakes. Unfortunately, many people either don’t know, or comply with, proper braking technique, which can cause a host of dangerous and expensive problems. 

If you’d like to learn some tips on proper braking, take a look below!

Tip #1 – Don’t brake so much.

This may seem odd, but many people just simply brake too much. Unless you’re stopping…

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